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USA. “Antics” in police training. He thought he had blanks in the magazine, shot his friend

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A North Carolina police officer in training forgot he had real ammo in his magazine, not blanks, and shot a colleague in the foot, the local sheriff’s office said. The victim did not suffer life-threatening injuries. Both officers were fined.

The incident happened in February in Greenville, South Carolina. According to information provided this week by the local sheriff’s office, two of the police officers involved in the incident were attending training in a neighboring county. One of the training points was to shoot the so-called. blank cartridges.

The Greenville Sheriff’s Office in its report explains that after the end of the exercise, when the officers were about to put down their weapons, one of them fired a blank at a colleague. He responded with a shot. He forgot, however, that in the meantime he had already replaced the training blanks with the normal ammunition that was normally filled in the magazine of his pistol. The bullet hit the foot of the policeman who started “playing”.

According to the said sheriff’s office, other police officers immediately provided first aid to the injured man. He was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. The wound was treated and the policeman was released home.

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South Carolina. Policemen punished

Police said an internal investigation was launched into the February incident, which ended last week. Investigators believe the incident happened as a result of the “foolishness” of the two police officers involved. No errors were found on the part of the training organizer. A spokesman for the Greenville County Police Department told vice.com that both officers were suspended for 10 days.

Police officers will also have to undergo additional training in the use of firearms while on duty. “While I understand that accidents do happen, moments of inattention will not be tolerated under my leadership,” Sheriff Hobart Lewis said in a statement released last week after the closure of an internal investigation.

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vice.com, Greenville County Sheriff’s Office

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