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USA, Arizona. The lynx was lying in a dog bed [ZDJĘCIA]

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A resident of San Manuel, Arizona, after returning from work, found an unusual sight at home. In the dog’s bed, instead of her pet, there was a bobcat. This species is found throughout almost all of the United States. They may be attracted to inhabited areas by the ease of obtaining food. They are dangerous for small pets.

The startled woman called the state wildlife department officers, but before they arrived, the lynx had escaped.

It is not known how the lynx got into the house, or where the dog was at that time. According to the owner, the wild animal snuck in through the open dog door.

The woman, keeping a safe distance, took photos of the lynx lying in a dog bed in the living room, which the agency posted on social media, adding that in the event of a similar situation, the appropriate services should be called as soon as possible.

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They hunt small animals, including domestic ones

Bobcats, because a representative of this species, a resident of San Manuel in southern Arizona met in her home, are found in all US states except Delaware. In Arizona, they are most common in the Sonoran Desert area, occupying southwestern Arizona and southeastern California, as well as parts of two northern Mexican states.

However, they can also be found in inhabited areas where food is readily available to them. They are carnivorous. They feed on birds, lizards, snakes, and small domestic animals, such as cats, are also their prey. They are most active around sunrise and sunset.

According to experts, bobcats rarely attack humans, and most of these incidents so far have been associated with rabies. They are attracted to the vicinity of their homes by other prey animals, as well as easy access to water, shade or some shelter. Adults are usually the size of a small to medium dog. They reach 45 to 60 centimeters in height. They weigh 30-75 kilograms. Males are larger than females. Red bobcats may resemble small pumas in appearance. However, they have a light brown coat with dark spots.

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Main photo source: Twitter/AZ Game & Fish Dept

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