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USA. Arizona. Three policemen were suspended after failing to try to save the drowning man

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Three Arizona police officers accused of not trying to save a drowning man who voluntarily jumped into a lake have been suspended. Officers were to watch the situation as a whole and ignore his pleas for help. The incident was recorded by a police camera. Only a fragment of the material was published due to the sensitive nature of the case.

The incident occurred on May 28 after 5:00 in Tempe, Arizona. Officers received a report of a fight between a woman and a man. After arriving at the place, the couple denied everything, and the policemen began to check if the man had not previously been recorded. It was then during the inspection that the 34-year-old crossed the rails and jumped into the lake.

Three Arizona policemen were suspended after failing to try to save a drowning manENEX

– What are you doing? asked the policeman. – I’m going for a swim, I’m free, right? the man replied. “You can’t swim in this lake,” said the second officer. – How far do you think it can go? one of them wondered.

The video, released to the public by the police, was cut short after 12 minutes due to the drastic photos. However, a transcript of the recording was included. It shows that the man said he would drown and repeatedly asked for help. The policemen told him that he should grab the bridge pillar because they would not jump after him. A moment later, the man went under the water and did not reappear.

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Three Arizona policemen were suspended after failing to try to save a drowning manENEX

The woman who had been with the man earlier also begged the policemen for help. She said that she was distraught by the behavior of the officers who see the drowning man in front of her and did not react. Six hours later, the man’s body was excavated from the lake.

Now the entire incident is to be analyzed by the department responsible for public safety in Arizona. Until the matter is resolved, the officers cannot perform their official duties.

Main photo source: ENEX

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