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USA. Arnold Schwarzenegger patched a hole in the road in Los Angeles

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Arnold Schwarzenegger wanted to help his neighbors who had been complaining about a pothole in one of Los Angeles’ roads for weeks. So the actor patched it himself and posted the video on social media. As it turned out later, the hole was a technical excavation previously used by the gasworks to repair the installation.

On Tuesday, Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a video on Twitter in which he was seen filling a hole in one of the roads in Los Angeles in the Brentwood district with a shovel and filling it with asphalt. “Today, after all the neighbors were unhappy for weeks because of a huge hole where cars and bikes were breaking down, I went out with my team and fixed it,” he wrote in the post. “I always say, let’s not complain, let’s do something about it. And here you go,” he added.

A spokesman for the actor, Daniel Ketchell, said that Brentwood residents had repeatedly asked for repairs to the roads in the area, as many cracks and potholes developed in them during the winter.

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The hole is the work of the local gasworks

Los Angeles Department of Public Works (LACDPW) Spokesperson suggested in an interview with NBC Los Angeles that someone probably gave the actor the wrong information, because the hole in fact was not an ordinary hole. – This is a technical excavation used for work in this place by SoCalGas (Southern California Gas Company – ed.) – he explained. He added that the gasworks is also carrying out similar works in other parts of the city and after their completion is obliged to repair the streets.

ABC7 reports that a representative of SoCalGas said that the company’s work on the road ended in January and the repair team put a temporary filling there. Permanent patching of the hole was to take place 30 days after the completion of the repair of the gas installation, as in the case of other similar projects. However, this was delayed due to storms and heavy rains in the city. The company hopes to fix the problem by the end of the week. Besides – as indicated – the road in which there was a hole is a concrete road, not an asphalt one, so in fact patching it by Schwarzenegger wouldn’t do much anyway.

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Main photo source: twitter.com/Schwarzenegger

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