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USA. Attack on the Capitol. Steve Bannon, former adviser to Donald Trump, will testify to Congress

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Steve Bannon, former adviser and chief strategist to Donald Trump, has informed the congressional commission investigating the attack on the Capitol that he is ready to testify on the case regarding the attack on Congress when Trump was president of the United States, Reuters news agency said. In a week, Bannon is due to stand trial and answer for insulting Congress.

Steven Bannon, who served as Chief Strategist in 2017 Donald Trumpis scheduled to face trial on July 18 on two charges of offending Congress for refusing to testify and provide documents.

In a letter to the committee reached by Reuters news agency on Sunday, Bannon’s attorney Robert Costello wrote that former President Trump would waive his claim for the executive privilege that Bannon had invoked by refusing to appear before the congressional committee.

Steve BannonMike Theiler / UPI Photo / Newscom / PAP

The lawyer said Bannon preferred to testify publicly, but Democratic Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, who is on the committee, told CNN that it was customary for the committee to hear testimony behind closed doors. – It takes hours. We want answers to all our questions. And you can’t do that in live format, said Lofgren. “We have a lot of questions for him,” she added.

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Hearings before the House of Representatives committee

Throughout the hearings of the House of Representatives committees, excerpts from the recordings of the testimonies of the witnesses were shown to the public.

Donald Trump has complained that none of his supporters testified in his defense at committee hearings that focus on the attack by Trump supporters seeking to halt a trial in Congress confirming his defeat in the November 2020 presidential election.

Bannon was summoned to testify about what he knew about the events leading up to the riots, but has so far refused. He argued that he was covered by a so-called executive privilege, a legal rule that protects many conversations with the White House. However, during the Capitol riots, Bannon was not an official adviser to the president, which the committee believes means that the executive charter does not apply.

Assault on the Capitol (January 6, 2021)Shutterstock

In a letter reached by the Associated Press, former President Trump reportedly wrote to Bannon: “I waive for you an executive privilege that allows you to enter and testify honestly and truthfully, as requested by an unelected committee of political thugs.”

Auditions are scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday this week.

Main photo source: Mike Theiler / UPI Photo / Newscom / PAP

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