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USA. Authorities: We are ready to talk with Russia and China on nuclear arms control

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National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said the US is ready to talk with Russia and China about nuclear arms control without any preconditions. He added that the US arsenal does not have to be larger than the arsenals of China and Russia combined.

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan laid out US goals and proposals for limiting nuclear weapons in a speech at the Arms Control Association on Friday, signaling his willingness to uphold current arms control arrangements with Russia and entering into discussions on this subject with China.

“We have expressed our readiness to engage in bilateral arms control discussions with Russia and China without preconditions,” the presidential aide said.

At the same time, he noted that “without preconditions” does not mean that the US will ignore Russian violations in this area, such as the suspension of the New Start treaty.

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The US will not send Russia notifications

On Thursday, the US responded by saying it would no longer send Russia the notifications required by the treaty informing it of the status of its nuclear arsenal. Sullivan said he hoped these steps would prompt Russia to return to the deal.

He also announced that, as expressed by the Kremlin, United States despite this, they intend to stick to the main provisions of the treaty, i.e. limiting the number of deployed nuclear warheads to 1,550 by 2026. The politician indicated that he wanted to start talks with Russia on a new treaty and control regime that would replace New START.

Nuclear weapons in the worldPAP

He stressed that while the US does not insist that its arsenal be greater than or equal to the combined arsenal of Russia and China, opting for the quality rather than quantity of weapons, “the size and scope of Chinese armaments will matter in this context.”

Sullivan on a possible deal with Russia

He criticized China, which has one of the fastest nuclear build-up programs in history, but does so in secret and refuses to talk about arms control.

When asked what he bases his hopes for an agreement with Russia on, given his behavior Vladimir Putin in context war in Ukrainereplied that it was in the interests of both the US and Russia.

He also pointed to history: “Throughout the Cold War, our Soviet adversaries engaged in various types of military aggression and adventurism, in destructive and brutal practices, but at the same time they participated in discussions on arms control and strategic stability with the United States,” he explained.

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