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USA, Baltimore. He fled the scene of the murder. The police gave chase and pushed the car off the road

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In Baltimore, police officers began a car chase after a man who was fleeing from the scene of a murder. The recording shows police officers in police cars chasing the car through the city streets, and after a while they surround and push the vehicle against the barriers. The man was pulled out of the car and detained.

On Friday evening, police from Baltimore, Maryland, responded to the scene of a shooting that left one person dead. The officers noticed a car fleeing the scene and gave chase through the city streets.

The recording of the action shows the moment when – on the road leaving the city – police cars catch up and surround the car in which the person suspected of involvement in the shooting is escaping. The police manage to successfully push the car off the road. They pull the man out of the car and arrest him.

After the police operation, there was a huge traffic jam on this road for some time, but it was finally cleared.

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