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USA. Biden and Meloni pledged support for Ukraine

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US President Joe Biden and Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, in a joint statement following their meeting at the White House, said the US and Italy will continue to support Ukraine as long as necessary to achieve a just and lasting peace that respects territorial integrity. The leaders also discussed the influx of migrants from Africa.

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“United States and Italy will continue to provide political, military, financial and humanitarian assistance Ukraine for as long as necessary to achieve a just and lasting peace that fully respects the Charter of the United Nations and the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. Joe Biden and Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in a joint statement.

Biden and Meloni also agreed that “peak FOR THIS in Vilnius demonstrated the “unity” of the Alliance and its ability to adapt to threats and challenges from all sides, including NATO’s southern flank.

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In the text, the leaders underlined the crucial importance of “joint efforts to promote stability and prosperity in the wider Mediterranean region, including by addressing the root causes of instability, terrorism and uncontrolled migrant flows.”

The issues of Ukraine, illegal migration and the situation in Tunisia were the main topics of the meeting of leaders at the White House.

Joe Biden and Giorgia MeloniYuri Gripas/PAP/EPA

At the beginning of the meeting with Meloni, Biden noted Italy’s assistance to Ukraine and thanked her for the fact that Italy’s support “makes a big difference”. Meloni said she was proud of Italy’s role in the current crisis.

– Contrary to what some say, the Ukrainian resistance is delaying the world war, not bringing it closer. Those who believe in peace should be the first to support the Ukrainian cause, said the Italian Prime Minister.

Meloni: Italy’s attitude highly respected

During a press conference at the Italian embassy in Washington, the head of the government emphasized: “I saw President Biden determined.” She added: “Supporting Ukraine against Russia was the only way to further the peace process.”

– A rapid invasion of Ukraine would lead to a war closer to us and would destroy the foundations of international law – said the Prime Minister. She also noted: “We all want this situation to end, but we cannot be such hypocrites as to call peace what is not peace.”

Biden and Meloni pledged support for Ukraine Yuri Gripas/PAP/EPA

– Italy’s attitude towards the Ukrainian conflict is extremely respected and recognized by United Stateswho are aware of the sacrifices and efforts made and shared by Italians, assured Meloni.

Biden and Meloni also discussed the influx of migrants

As Biden announced, the leaders were also to discuss economic cooperation between the two countries worth over $100 billion, foreign aid and cooperation in space, as well as the situation in the Mediterranean region, including “our work with the countries of the region to respond to the real migration challenges coming from Africa “.

Both noted the close ties between the two countries due to the presence of millions of Americans of Italian descent. Biden mentioned that he grew up in Scranton, Pennsylvania, among many descendants of Italian immigrants, where he stood out because of his non-Italian surname.

Joe BidenYuri Gripas/PAP/EPA

He also noted that he was the only non-Italian to be awarded the title of man of the year by a local Italian association. “I’m Irish but I’m not stupid: I married Dominic Giacoppa’s granddaughter,” Biden joked, pointing to his wife’s Italian roots.

Media about Meloni’s meeting with Biden

Commenting on it, the American press emphasized that Meloni’s visit and the honors with which she was received in Washington are a sign of good relations between Biden and the head of the Italian government.

According to the “Washington Post”, despite the initial distrust and fears of the Biden team, when the right-wing politician took power, she quickly won the trust of the US president, surprising him with, among others, strong support for Ukraine.

Before the meeting in the White House, the Italian Prime Minister met with the leaders of the Democrats and Republicans in the US Congress.

USA/ Prime Minister Meloni after talking to Joe Biden: aid for Ukraine is the only way to peace

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, after meeting US President Joe Biden at the White House for more than an hour and a half, said she had seen the American leader’s “determination” on Ukraine. As she added, aid for Ukraine is the only way to peace.

Main photo source: Yuri Gripas/PAP/EPA

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