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USA. Biden: Putin committed war crimes, warrant for his arrest ‘justified’

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There is no doubt that Vladimir Putin has committed war crimes and the warrant for his arrest is “justified,” US President Joe Biden said on Friday. Earlier, the issue of the arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin and Maria Lvova-Belova by the International Criminal Court was commented on by the White House.

– Without a doubt Vladimir Putin committed war crimes and the warrant for his arrest issued by International Criminal Court is justified,” the US president said on Friday Joe Biden in an interview with reporters at the White House.

Joe Biden also reminded that the International Criminal Court is not recognized by all countries, “including us”. Still, the ICC’s decision sends a “very strong signal,” the US president added.

“There is no doubt that Russia commits war crimes and atrocities in Ukraine. We have made it clear that those responsible must be held accountable. We support bringing to justice the perpetrators of war crimes,” the White House said in a statement.

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Kirby: We will not give up on accountability for war crimes

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby made a similar statement. When asked by CNN whether he expects Vladimir Putin to ever be held accountable by the ICC for his crimes, he said he “doesn’t know what the end state will look like.” However, he noted that the Hague tribunal is an independent actor and “will have to act on the basis of the evidence they have.”

John Kirby also announced that the US will continue to help Ukraine collect and analyze evidence of Russian crimes and crimes against humanity. “We will not give up on accountability for these war crimes, no matter how long it may take,” he said.


However, Kirby declined to answer the question of whether the US would arrest Putin if he decided to fly to New York, for example, to speak at the UN General Assembly. He said such a scenario was “very unlikely.”

The US is not a signatory to the Rome Statute and does not recognize the jurisdiction of the ICC. According to reports, The New York Times, for this reason, allegedly blocked the Pentagon from sending evidence of Russian war crimes to The Hague.

State Department: They must be held accountable

“We have all seen war crimes and atrocities committed by Russian forces since the beginning of this war. United States concluded that Russian forces had committed war crimes, and as the Vice President recently announced in Munich, the State Department has determined that members of the Russian armed forces and Russian officials have committed crimes against humanity, a US State Department spokesman said.

At the same time, the representative noted that these decisions were independent of the ICC’s decision to issue an arrest warrant for the Russian president and ombudsman for children’s rights, Maria Lvova-Belova, for the export of Ukrainian children to Russia. – The ICC prosecutor is an independent actor and makes his own decisions based on the evidence before him. The ICC prosecutor’s evidence will ultimately have to be adjudicated by the Court, the official said. He added that the US “supports bringing to justice the perpetrators of war crimes.”

ICC issues warrant for Putin’s arrest

In February, a State Department-funded Yale University center published a report documenting thousands of Ukrainian children being exported to Russia, which it said constituted a war crime and a violation of the Genocide Convention.

It was precisely the issue of the export of children that was the reason for the ICC’s arrest warrant for Putin. The judges agreed with the prosecutor’s request, considering that there are real grounds to believe that he is responsible for war crimes involving the unlawful deportation of children from the occupied territories of Ukraine to Russia.

In the same decision, the ICC also issued an arrest warrant for the Russian ombudsman for children’s rights, Maria Lvova-Belova, accused of the same crimes.

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