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Monday, November 29, 2021

USA. Boeing has reached an agreement with the families of the victims of the 737-MAX disaster in Ethiopia

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The American aviation company Boeing reached an agreement with the families of the victims of the crash of one of its 737-MAX aircraft in March 2019 in Ethiopia, in which 157 people were killed, the AP agency reported. Such a motion was filed in Chicago District Court on Wednesday.

In the accord, Boeing took responsibility for pilots losing control of Ethiopian Airways 302 flight shortly after taking off from Addis Ababa International Airport. The plane then hit the ground about 65 kilometers from the Ethiopian capital. Nobody survived the crash.

Boeing communicated with the families of the victims

The agreement stipulated that the victims’ family lawyers would not seek non-pecuniary damages and that Boeing would not challenge the lawsuits.

“Boeing is making every effort to ensure that all families who lost loved ones in the crash receive full and fair compensation for their loss,” the company wrote in a statement. “Boeing’s deal with the families allows the parties to concentrate their efforts on finding appropriate compensation for each family,” he added.

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In court papers filed Wednesday at a court in Chicago, where Boeing is based, the company admitted that its software was guilty of losing control and damaging the aircraft, and that the 737-MAX was “dangerous” to passengers.


According to court acts, the agreement does not cover monetary compensation for the victims’ families, but allows them to pursue individual claims in US courts rather than in their home countries.

“This is an important milestone for victims’ families in bringing Boeing to justice as it will ensure that all are treated fairly and can obtain full compensation under Illinois law, while paving the way for them to be finally resolved through a settlement or trial.” Robert Clifford, Steven Marks and Justin Green, the principal lawyers representing the families, wrote in a statement.

Boeing. Two plane crashes

The top-selling Boeing aircraft was grounded for 20 months after 346 people were killed in two 737 MAX crashes – in Indonesia in 2018 and in Ethiopia in 2019. The aircraft returned to service after Boeing made significant improvements to software and training.

The disasters have cost Boeing about $ 20 billion to date.

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