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USA. California. Meadows and hills full of poppies. An unusual sight in California

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Poppies bloomed in Lancaster, California. The view is so amazing that a lot of tourists came to the city to take pictures against the background of orange meadows and hills. The last time such a large bloom of poppies took place four years ago and made life difficult for local residents.

The meadows and hills of Lancaster in the southern part of the US state of California are full of orange poppies. However, to the dismay of residents and local authorities, the flowers did not bloom in the off-limits poppy reserve in a state park near the city. This could cause history to repeat itself.

The last such rich bloom took place in 2019. This caused quite a stir at the time. Influencers from the farthest corners of the USA came to Lancester to photograph themselves against the background of flowery meadows. There were so many of them that they trampled the flowers. In addition, they paralyzed traffic on nearby roads.

The effect of heavy rainfall

Such a spectacular poppies bloom is a result of the heavy amount of rain that has fallen in southern California this year. Local residents still hope that poppies will bloom in similar numbers in the reserve.

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– We came from San Francisco to see this place. It’s just beautiful,” said Bharat Beedu.

According to representatives of the state poppy reserve, the flowers will continue to bloom until hot weather sets in.

Poppies near Lancaster, CaliforniaENEX

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