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USA. California. Powerful waves carry away people and flood the streets. An evacuation order has been issued

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Giant waves have been hitting the California coast for several days. They flood streets and buildings. The threat of flooding caused authorities to issue evacuation orders in some areas on Saturday. In others, they warned residents to stay away from beaches and coastal roads.

The storm has been raging off the California coast since Thursday. Powerful waves, reaching up to 12 meters, rush onto the land at great speed. Water floods the streets and some buildings are damaged. The National Weather Service in Los Angeles is predicting major flooding in low-lying areas. Waves and strong ocean currents pose “exceptional hazards” to structures such as piers and boardwalks.

– This is an amazing phenomenon, but also very dangerous, life-threatening – said Jan Pachlowski, TVN24 correspondent, currently in Florida, on TVN24 on Sunday. – These threats exist not only in California, but also in Oregon – he added.

Waves could destroy homes along much of the California coast, Reuters reported.

Powerful waves carry people away and flood the streets in California Reuters,2023 Cable News Network All Rights Reserved

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An evacuation order has been issued

On Saturday, authorities in Ventura County in southern California issued a warning and evacuation order for residents of homes along the Pacific Coast Highway. The surrounding beaches remained closed.

In Ventura on Friday, a massive wave broke through the breakwaters and hit the waterfront as about 20 people admired the raging storm. The witness’s recording shows people starting to run away in panic, but the wave carries away some of them, as well as a parked car.

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A huge wave comes ashore in Ventura

A huge wave comes ashore in Ventura 2023 Cable News Network All Rights Reserved

Ventura, located about 60 miles northwest of Los Angeles, was hit by extreme weather conditions. Already on Thursday, strong waves flooded houses and other facilities. At least eight people were injured. The flood threat was attributed to Pacific storms that brought heavy rain and storms on most of the west coast. This coincided with an exceptionally large so-called “king tide”.

Main photo source: Reuters

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