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USA, California. Shooting in Monterey Park after Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations. They are injured

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Shots were fired in the California town of Monterey Park after a party to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year. A witness to the incident told the Los Angeles Times that he was attacked by a man with a machine gun. According to the media, several people were injured. The police arrived at the scene.

The incident happened after 10 p.m. Saturday (7 a.m. Sunday in Poland) in Monterey Park, near where tens of thousands of people previously celebrated the Chinese Lunar New Year. The festival ended at 21:00 local time.

According to unofficial information, shots may have been fired in a nightclub.

Shooting in Monterey Park, USACAROLINE BREHMAN/EPA/PAP

The witness spoke of a man with a machine gun

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A witness told the Los Angeles Times that three people burst into his restaurant and told him to close the door because a man with a machine gun was about to appear in the area. According to the newspaper, several people were injured, but it is not clear how many or if anyone was killed.

The fact that there may be fatalities could be confirmed by a tweet posted by a representative of the Los Angeles authorities. “Our hearts go out to those who lost loved ones tonight in neighboring Monterey Park, where a mass shooting has just taken place,” wrote Kenneth Mejia, the Los Angeles City Comptroller. He added that Monterey Park is home to “one of the county’s largest Asian communities.”

Footage posted on social media showed people on stretchers being taken to ambulances by medical staff, as well as police officers guarding cordoned-off streets near the scene.

Monterey Park is a city in Los Angeles County, approximately 11 kilometers from downtown Los Angeles.

Footage posted on social media shows deserted, gated streets in the area, guarded by police cars.

Shooting in Monterey Park, USAReuters/Dess

Monterey Park is a city of 60,000 in Los Angeles County, located about 11 kilometers from the city of Los Angeles. There is also a large Asian community.

Police cars in the Monterey Park area in the USACAROLINE BREHMAN/EPA/PAP


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