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USA. California. Strong winds overturned a truck on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. A “communication nightmare” has arisen

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Winds brought traffic to a complete halt on San Francisco’s famous Golden Gate Bridge on Saturday, causing hours of traffic jams in the area. It started with a strong gust overturning a large truck with a semi-trailer. It’s one of the events of an atmospheric river that hit California again this weekend, bringing with it heavy rain and hurricane-force winds.

All lanes on the Golden Gate Bridge were blocked – reported shortly after 7 pm on Saturday (in Poland it was 4 am on Sunday) California Highway Patrol – a kind of state “highway patrol”. The traffic jam was caused by a truck that overturned due to a strong gust of wind. Giant traffic jams immediately formed in the area, and the “communication nightmare” – as the media described this situation – lasted several hours.

Blocked lanes on the Golden Gate Bridge

“High vehicles should avoid this area due to strong winds. Please avoid this area and use an alternative route” – the California Highway Patrol appealed after the incident. Both lanes were closed for more than three hours.

The US National Weather Service (NWS) warned of strong winds and gales on Saturday, issuing alerts for San Francisco and surrounding areas, among other places.

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Violent weather in California

Severe weather in California is associated with an atmospheric river, which is a weather system that brings heavy rain, strong winds and snowfall. It is an extensive wind tunnel that transports huge amounts of water vapor from the warm ocean waters to the lands of mid-latitudes.

Atmospheric rivers are formed as a result of the formation of narrow but gusty wind streams. The river moves at an altitude of about 1.5-2 kilometers above the surface, and when it reaches land, it drops sharply in the form of heavy rain or heavy snow.

With atmospheric rivers appearing with a frequency rarely seen before, California has been under attack since December 26. They caused the death of at least 19 people and huge material losses. According to forecasters, next week should bring California residents some respite from the violent weather. This weekend, however, still proves to be very difficult.

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Main photo source: CHP Marin/ Twitter

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