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USA. Calling up 3,000 reservists to serve in Europe

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The deployment of 3,000 reservists to serve in Europe is a reflection of the fact that the security situation has changed and that there is a need to maintain an increased contingent of forces on NATO’s eastern flank for a long time, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said. As he added, the reserve soldiers will perform mainly administrative functions that will enable the current level of US forces to be maintained.

John Kirby, in an interview with Fox News, explained that “what we will do with this small number of 3,000 reservists or National Guard soldiers are people who are specialists in things like administration, logistics and medicine, functions that we need to support and maintain a large military presence over the long term.”

“This is essentially a realization of the fact that we know – the president knows – that the security environment in Europe has already changed. It doesn’t change, it won’t change, and it has already changed. And we must ensure that we have the appropriate forces to maintain an additional presence on the eastern flank for a long time, he said.

Kirby also stated that after reacting to the Russian invasion USA sent an additional 20,000 troops to Europe, their number is over 80,000 (according to Pentagon including civilian employees, the number of personnel is 100,000).

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American soldiers in Riga as part of Operation Atlantic ResolvePhoto from October 16, 2019VALDA KALNINA/EPA/PAP

Presidential Decree

The White House said on Thursday that the president Joe Biden signed an ordinance authorizing 3,000 active-duty reservists to participate in Operation Atlantic Resolve in Europe.

Pentagon spokesman General Pat Ryder told reporters on Thursday that the order “unlocks additional forces for this operation.” In turn, the spokesman for the US European Command (EUCOM), Captain Bill Speaks, noted, however, that this does not mean changes in the number of US troops deployed in Europe, but gives “greater flexibility”.

Operation Atlantic Resolve was launched in 2014 in response to the Russian one the annexation of Crimea and the invasion of Donbass. As part of it, the US increased the number of its forces on the continent, including Poland, mainly on a rotational basis.

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Main photo source: VALDA KALNINA/EPA/PAP

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