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USA, Canada. The northern lights lit up the sky. “Out of this world view”

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Inhabitants of some parts of the United States, Canada and Europe were able to admire the spectacular display of the Northern Lights. The phenomenon was the result of a coronal mass ejection on the Sun.

The northern lights lit up the skies in the United States on Tuesday. The phenomenon was also visible in Canada and Great Britain from late night to early morning. The sky was shimmering green.

The northern lights lit up the sky

The sky spectacle was the result of Monday’s coronal mass ejection on the Sun coronal mass ejection, CME), i.e. a huge cloud of plasma projected into interplanetary space. It is recognized as one of the key factors shaping space weather. The auroras are usually visible in the circumpolar regions, but thanks to CME, they could also be seen elsewhere on Earth this time.

Social media flooded relationships with Canadian and US amateur watchers.

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“Out of this world view! I’m so glad many have seen it,” Twitter user treetanner wrote.

The northern lights as seen in the USAReuters / Twitter / OhNoNotPatrick

Reuters, The Washington Post

Main photo source: Reuters / Twitter / OhNoNotPatrick

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