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USA. Chester prison escapee Danelo Cavalcante seen again. He may be armed

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Danelo Cavalcante, who escaped from the Chester County Jail in Pennsylvania on August 31, has been spotted again. Reports indicate that on Monday evening the 34-year-old was approximately 30 kilometers from the prison from which he escaped. Police warn residents that the fugitive is “probably armed.” The Brazilian was sentenced to life in prison for murder.

Cavalcante was sentenced last month to life in prison for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Deborah Brandao, in front of her two young children, the BBC reports. On August 31, a man escaped from the Chester County Jail in Pennsylvania. Surveillance camera footage provided by the local prosecutor’s office shows that he climbed the walls of the prison, supporting himself with his hands and feet on two opposite walls of a narrow corridor. This way he got to the roof. After getting off, he went through the prison fence secured with barbed wire.

Since his escape, Cavalcante has been seen several times. He made it too change your image. Before the weekend, his search had been focused on the area immediately surrounding the Chester County Jail. On the night from Saturday to Sunday, the fugitive was recorded on a video intercom installed in his friend’s house, located about 40 kilometers from the prison. According to investigators, he got there using a van stolen from a local dairy. He abandoned the car on Sunday.

Danelo Cavalcante spotted again. Police warn that the escaped prisoner may be armed

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On Monday evening, the 34-year-old fugitive was spotted in the South Coventry Township area of ​​Chester County. In the text of the emergency message sent to residents of the area, the services warn that Cavalcante is “probably armed.” “Residents of the area are asked to close all external doors and windows, secure their vehicles and stay at home,” the police appealed.

Danelo Cavalcante before and after changing his image PA State Police

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The search for the 34-year-old is being carried out using thermal imaging technology, as well as drones and dogs. The reward for providing information leading to the capture of Cavalcante has been increased to $25,000 (equivalent to approximately PLN 108,000).

Robert Clark, the supervisor of the US Marshals Service task force in eastern Pennsylvania, assessed already on the sixth day of the search for the 34-year-old that he was most likely “desperate, dangerous and probably exhausted”. – (Cavalcante) needs help (to continue his escape – ed.). It needs additional resources and is looking for them, said Pennsylvania State Police Lieutenant Colonel George Bivens, quoted by CNN, at a conference organized on Monday.

John Miller, CNN’s chief law enforcement and intelligence analyst, also commented on Cavalcante’s mental condition. In his opinion, “the stakes are different” for a fugitive than for police officers. – If he is caught, (Cavalcante) will go to an urban center from which he will not be able to get out. He’s desperate, he’ll give it his all, said Miller, quoted on the website.

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Main photo source: PA State Police

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