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USA. Chinese hackers have hacked into the email accounts of Western governments and institutions

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Chinese hackers have broken into the mailboxes of the US administration, according to the tech giant Microsoft. The attack was supposed to target specific accounts. “The sophistication of the attack and its targeted nature suggest that the hackers either belong to or worked for the Beijing intelligence service,” said Charlie Bell, vice president of Microsoft.

According to him, the attackers focused on “gaining access to email systems for intelligence gathering”.

Microsoft: Chinese hackers attacked Western institutions

Microsoft estimates that hackers reached the resources of 25 institutions in total USA and Western Europe, although it does not specify which specific institutions were attacked or how many accounts could have been compromised. What is known, however, is that the group first accessed the boxes in mid-May, while Microsoft was notified of the breaches on June 16.

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The vulnerability that enabled the attack was most likely in Microsoft’s cloud security, the New York Times reported. National Security Council spokesman Adam Hodge said on Wednesday that Microsoft’s cloud security breach affected “unclassified systems” and asserted that US government procurement providers are required to meet “high security criteria.”

Reuters asked the embassy for comment China. The embassy did not respond. Beijing routinely denies allegations of state support for hacking attacks.

China is running one of the world’s most aggressive — and most successful — hacking operations, the NYT concluded.

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