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USA. Christian Combs charged with sexual assault

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Christian Combs, son of rapper, producer and businessman Sean “Diddy” Combs, has been charged with sexual assault in a new trial. The lawsuit cites, among other things, an audio recording from a makeshift recording studio on the yacht where, according to O'Marcaigh, the assault occurred.

The 31-page lawsuit was filed in a Los Angeles court, said plaintiff's lawyer Grace O'Marcaigh. The document shows that O'Marcaigh worked as a crew member and bartender on a yacht rented by Sean Combs and his family in December 2022.

The yacht trip was advertised as a “family trip” but featured celebrities, a “hedonistic environment” and sex workers were often brought along.

The lawsuit said that on Dec. 28, Christian Combs pressured O'Marcaigh to drink a shot of tequila and then soon assaulted her. The woman claims the tequila Combs brought on board may have contained drugs.

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Christian Combs charged with sexual assaultCollin Xavier/Image Press Agency ABACA/PAP/EPA

Aaron Dyer, an attorney for Sean and Christian Combs, said in a statement to CNN that they “have not seen this woman's testimony” but believe the lawsuit contains “manufactured lies.”

This is another in a series of lawsuits filed against Sean Combs. In other lawsuits, the musician was accused of a number of sexual misconduct and other illegal activities. The recording industry tycoon denied all allegations.

Recordings and photos attached to the lawsuit

The lawsuit cites an audio recording from a makeshift recording studio on the yacht where O'Marcaigh says the assault occurred. According to a partial transcript included in the lawsuit, O'Marcaigh was forced to drink. The woman asked whether Combs was trying to drug her – and the famous musician's son allegedly continued to insist that she take a drink.

Later that night, Christian Combs allegedly “cornered” the bartender in a room and “became very physically aggressive,” the lawsuit said. The man allegedly grabbed the woman's arm and forced himself on her. The musician's son was about to stop the attack when another yacht employee entered the room.

The photos attached to the lawsuit allegedly show bruises on the plaintiff's forearm. The documents also stated that following the attack, O'Marcaigh's mental and physical health deteriorated and she began to suffer from, among other things, anxiety and panic attacks.

Main photo source: Collin Xavier/Image Press Agency ABACA/PAP/EPA

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