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USA. Close to the collision of planes at JFK airport in New York

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The US Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the backstage of an incident that took place in recent days at New York’s largest airport. Two passenger planes had to avoid a collision on the runway thanks to the intervention of traffic controllers who canceled the take-off of one of the machines at the last moment. A passenger on one of the planes told of panic on board.

The incident reported by the American media took place at the airport. John Kennedy in New York on Friday, January 13, around 20.45 local time. The Delta Air Lines Boeing 737 was about to take off when the runway was crossed by an American Airlines Boeing 777 preparing to take off. According to CNN, citing the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the collision between planes full of passengers, separated by 300 meters, was prevented by air traffic controllers who managed to warn the crew of the Boeing 737.

– Delta 1943, cancel launch clearance! Delta 1943, cancel launch clearance! one of the controllers shouted in a recording shared on LiveATC, an aviation news website. The FAA said no one was injured in the incident. The organization has launched an investigation into the matter.

The Boeing 737 was diverted to a “safe point”, its flight was eventually rescheduled to the next day due to “staff shortages”, and 145 passengers were provided overnight accommodation. The flight of the Boeing 777 took place as planned, the machine landed at London Heathrow Airport on Saturday morning.

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The passenger talks about a sudden jerk

Delta Air Lines told CNN in a statement that “the safety of our customers and crew always comes first,” adding that the airline will cooperate with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in “any analysis” of the January 13 events. The NTSB tweeted that it was investigating a “runway incursion.”

Delta Air Lines passenger Brian Healy told CBS News that the plane suddenly stopped on the runway, which he believed was due to a “technical problem”. “There was a sudden jolt of the plane and everyone was kind of pushed forward,” Healy said. “It was like a split second of panic that caused an audible reaction on the plane,” he told NBC News. He found out how close the accident was after reading reports on social media.

JFK Airport in New York is one of the largest airports in the United States. It operates flights on 455 routes to 77 countries. In December 2022, it served over 38,000 customers. flights – show the statistics on the airport website.

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