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USA: Comments on Joe Biden's ABC News Interview

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US President Joe Biden said in an interview with ABC on Friday that he would not withdraw from the presidential race and assured of his good health, but Reuters noted that he did not convince some critics.

In a roughly 20-minute interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Joe Biden repeatedly insisted that his poor performance in the debate against Donald Trump was merely a “bad episode” caused by a “bad cold” and exhaustion, and insisted that he was still the best candidate to beat Trump.

The ABC interview – devoted entirely to the president's situation after the debate with Donald Trump – was supposed to be an important test for Biden and a way to show worried voters that he is capable of being president for another four years.

The incumbent US president spoke more clearly than during the debate, although he made his typical slips of the tongue, minor mistakes (e.g. he spoke about the South Pacific instead of the Indo-Pacific), hesitations and verbal stumbles.

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US President Joe BidenSTEVE APPS/PAP/EPA

Reuters noted that he did not convince some critics. “I've seen enough,” said Ron Fournier of the Truscott Rossman communications agency, a former White House correspondent, on the X platform. “It's hard to imagine how this man can defeat Trump and sit for another four years in the most demanding job in the world,” he added.

The interview “confirmed serious concerns”

ABC’s Jonathan Karl commented after the interview that while Biden performed better than he did in the debate, he failed to calm the concerns of the Democratic politicians he spoke to, many of whom viewed the interview as evidence that the president was unaware of the gravity of the situation and that he was losing to Trump.

Democratic congressman Lloyd Doggett told CNN after the interview that “every day” the Biden campaign “makes it harder for someone new to come on board to defeat Donald Trump.”

Another House Democratic official told Reuters anonymously that “this interview did nothing but confirm the serious concerns that we all have.”

Even before ABC News aired the interview, some were already gauging its impact. “I don’t know how Biden is going to last a week as a candidate,” a senior House Democratic aide told Reuters after watching the short clip released by ABC News.

Another senior Democratic committee official said Biden’s performance was “better” than his debate performance. “It’s pretty clear he’s not going to resign unless there’s a major mutiny,” he said.

Main image source: STEVE APPS/PAP/EPA

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