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USA. Congress passed an interim budget to avoid the closure of federal offices

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The House of Representatives passed a provisional budget that guarantees state financing until March 1 – the day before the current budget expires. This will help avoid the closure of some federal offices.

The interim budget was adopted almost unanimously (seven out of 420 voters were against), despite earlier strong opposition from some of the extreme wing of Republicans demanding deep cuts.

American provisional budget

The project will now go to the president’s desk, who announced he will sign it. This will give members of Congress additional time to pass a full budget by the end of the current fiscal year (i.e. by the end of September).

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The provisional plan envisages an increase in spending by USD 28 billion compared to last year, including inflationthis represents a real cut in expenses.

Some congressmen from the right wing of the Republican Party were against another provisional measure – the third one after the budget expired at the beginning of October – demanding deep budget cuts and other additional regulations, including a stricter policy on the southern border.

Some members of Congress have suggested that passing the provisional measure could lead to Mike Johnson being removed as Speaker of the House of Representatives. This was the fate of his predecessor Kevin McCarthy after agreeing a budget compromise with Democrats in late September.

Johnson himself previously announced that he would not agree to another budget continuation, but ultimately changed his position after obtaining small concessions from Democrats regarding cuts in funding for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and unused funds from aid programs introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As with previous provisional measures, they do not include additional aid funds Ukraine. Negotiations on this matter are still ongoing, and according to the announcements of senators from both parties, a vote on the package for Ukraine may take place as early as next week.

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