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USA. Declaration on the F-16 for Turkey. The day because of Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s decision on Sweden’s accession to NATO

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US President Joe Biden met on the sidelines of the NATO summit in Vilnius on Tuesday with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. At the beginning of the talks, the American leader thanked Erdogan for his diplomacy and leadership. Earlier, the United States said that Washington was “moving forward on the transfer” of F-16 fighters to Turkey. The declaration came a day after the Turkish president announced that he would submit a request for Sweden’s accession to NATO to parliament.

“Thank you for your diplomacy and courage to take it upon yourself and I want to thank you for your leadership,” he said. Joe Biden at the beginning of a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the Vilnius Summit. He added that the summit was “historical” and confirmed the commitments NATO countries to the defense of the Alliance and close allies and that he “hopes we can make it even stronger”.

Erdogan replied that their meeting on Tuesday was the “first step forward” in strategic consultations between the two countries and the start of a “new five-year process”, while their previous meetings were only a “warm-up”. Erdogan also wished Biden good luck in the upcoming 2024 elections and thanked the president USA for congratulations on his electoral victory. Biden replied that he looked forward to another five years of meetings with Erdogan.

The presidents of Turkey and the USA met in VilniusReuters

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The leaders did not answer questions from the press. on Ukraine’s accession. Topics to be discussed by leaders include: sale of the latest F-16 models and modernization of fighters owned by Turkey.

US declaration on F-16 fighters for Turkey

Formerly White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan. He said the US administration was “moving forward on the transfer” of the F-16s, but did not provide a timeline for delivery of the fighters. President Joe Biden “has made it clear that he supports this transfer,” Sullivan said.

On Monday, State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said the U.S. administration fully supports the sale of F-16s to Turkey, although he acknowledged that some members of Congress are resisting, alluding to the head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Democrat Bob Menendez.

American F-16sUS Air National Guard photo by Airman 1st Class Tylon Chapman/DVIDS

Erdogan gave the green light on Sweden’s accession

On Monday evening, the president of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan agreed to submit the application for Sweden’s accession to the Alliance to a vote in parliament and ensured that it would be ratified.

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Some NATO members believe that Turkey, which in October 2021 applied for $20 billion Lockheed Martin Corp F-16 fighter jets from the U.S. and nearly 80 upgrade kits for Turkish-owned combat aircraft, was using the Swedish membership issue to influence pressure on Washington, Reuters reported.

Sullivan also said on Tuesday that NATO allies would send a “unanimous, positive signal” about Ukraine’s path to NATO membership at the Vilnius Summit on July 11-12.

Main photo source: Reuters

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