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USA. Donald Santacroce robbed a bank to steal a dollar. He wanted to be arrested

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Donald Santacroce, 65, of Salt Lake City, walked into the bank, declared it a robbery, and demanded one dollar. Upon the arrival of the police, the man did not resist, but threatened that if he was released, he would rob another bank.

The incident happened on Monday, March 6 in Salt Lake City. According to the American media, 65-year-old Donald Santacroce entered the local branch of Wells Fargo Bank in the morning, and handed employees a note on which it was written: “Forgive me, but this is a robbery. Please give me a dollar. Thank you.” . The staff complied with his request and asked him to leave. To their surprise, however, he said that they should call the police. He then took his place in the waiting room and waited for the arrival of the emergency services.

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The 65-year-old wanted to go to prison

While waiting, the 65-year-old complained about how long it took officers to get to the scene. “He told the victims (bank employees – ed.) that they were lucky he didn’t have a gun because it took the police so long to arrive,” the arrest record noted. After these words, the manager of the facility ordered her employees to go to the back room for security reasons and locked all doors in the premises.

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When the police finally arrived, Santacroce was arrested. He gave the officers the dollar he had seized, but confirmed that he had entered the bank with the intent to rob it. He explained that he did it because he “wanted to get arrested and go to prison.” He added that if he was released from custody, he would rob the bank again and demand more money, which would make him go to prison.

The man was arrested on suspicion of robbery, but according to US media, he was released two days later. It is not known why Donald Santacroce wanted to go to prison. The KSL of Salt Lake City reported that last week, the 65-year-old was arrested by Iron County police for careless driving, possible driving while intoxicated, and having an expired driver’s license.

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