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USA. Donald Trump congratulated Kim Jong Un, Republicans criticize

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Several Republicans criticized former President Donald Trump over the weekend for congratulating North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un publicly on his country’s election to the World Health Organization’s Executive Council. Words of condemnation were expressed, among others, by the former US ambassador to the UN, as well as former US Vice President Mike Pence, who is about to announce his candidacy in the presidential election. “Whether it’s my former colleague or anyone else, no one should be praising a North Korean dictator,” Pence commented.

Donald Trump posted congratulations to Kim Jong Un on Friday on Truth Social – a social network launched in 2022 by Trump Media&Technology Group.

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Criticism from Republicans: No one should praise a tyrant

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Among the indignant news from the ex president of the United States was among others Nikki Haley, an associate of Trump who served as the US ambassador to the United Nations during his presidency. – Kim Jong Un he is a thug and bully who tested ballistic missiles against our allies. He threatened us. (…) We must stop being nice to countries that hate America, Haley stressed.

GOP presidential candidate Florida Governor Ron DeSantis expressed surprise at Friday’s Trump post. He also called Kim Jong Un a “murderous dictator”.

Arkansas Governor As Hutchinson, who also launched his campaign for the White House, pointed out that Trump should not praise the tyrant. “We sanction leaders who oppress their people. We don’t exalt them on the world stage,” he commented on Twitter.

He also criticized Trump Mike Pencea former vice president in his office, who is also about to announce his candidacy for the White House.

“Whether it’s my former colleague or anyone else, no one should be praising a North Korean dictator. (…) This is the time when we should make it clear to the world that we stand for freedom and stand with those who are also for it, argued Pence.

First US president to visit North Korea

Trump was the first sitting US president to visit North Korea since the end of the Korean War in 1953. Trump’s campaign spokesman, Steven Cheung, said the former president “has never had a relationship with anyone from North Korea.”

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