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USA. Donald Trump has announced he has been charged with holding classified documents

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Donald Trump announces that prosecutors have filed charges against him over classified documents he was holding. According to the media, Trump will face seven charges, including illegal holding of state secrets related to national defense, obstruction of justice and conspiracy.

Former US president Donald Trump announced on Thursday that prosecutors had charged him and had to appear in court on Tuesday about classified documents he was holding.

The allegations are the result of an investigation by Special Prosecutor Jack Smith, appointed in November last year to conduct the case independently of the federal prosecutor’s office in the face of Trump’s announced candidacy.

Classified documents at Trump’s residence

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The case concerns hundreds of classified documents that Trump took to his residence and did not return despite repeated attempts by the authorities to recover them.

“The corrupt Biden administration has informed my lawyers that I have been charged, apparently for box fraud,” Trump tweeted on his TRUTH Social website. “I am an innocent man,” he added. He also said he was due to appear in federal court in Miami on Tuesday.

Donald Trump faced more allegationsCJ GUNTHER/PAP/EPA

The charges have yet to be revealed, but according to CNN and ABC, the former president will face seven counts in connection with the case. The Washington Post and the New York Times report that the former president will be charged with, among other things, for breach of the Espionage Act by illegally holding state secrets related to national defense, obstruction of investigation and collusion.

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The details of the case revealed so far indicate that after the end of his presidency, Trump took dozens of boxes with classified documents – including those marked with the highest classification – to his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

The National Archives has asked Trump to return the documents twice over many months, but the former president has only returned part of them. In August, an FBI search in Mar-a-Lago resulted in the seizure of another batch of documents, although it is not clear if these were all files.

Investigation into documents held by Trump

In recent weeks, leaks from the investigation indicated that Trump associates testified that they helped hide some documents from the authorities at Trump’s behest. The former president publicly explained that he had the authority to declassify the documents himself and did it “automatically”, although his lawyers did not use this argument in court.

FBI agents entered Trump’s residence in FloridaReuters Archive

The media also reported that investigators also received a tape with the record of the former president’s interview, in which he describes the document in his possession Pentagon regarding a potential attack on Iran. On the tape, Trump stated that the document was still classified.

Trump with allegations

Donald Trump has become the first former president in history to face federal charges, although he was indicted in April by the New York State Attorney’s Office. The state has charged him with 34 counts of falsifying business records in a case related to paying a porn actress money to keep quiet about their alleged intimate contacts.

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Separate investigations against the former president are also being conducted by the Georgia state prosecutor’s office in connection with Trump’s pressure on local authorities to reverse the result of the 2020 election. In addition, Jack Smith is also investigating Trump’s actions to annul the election in connection with the January 6 storming of the Capitol.

Meanwhile, another specially appointed prosecutor, Robert Hur, continues to investigate the smaller number of classified documents found in the president’s homes and office Joe Biden. The documents mainly came from the period when Biden was vice president in the administration of Barack Obama.

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