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USA, Donald Trump has been charged. Conversations with supporters and opponents

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TVN’s “Fakty” correspondent Marcin Wrona spoke with opponents and supporters of former US President Donald Trump, who was charged in court on Thursday. “I’m happy because it will make Trump’s poll results even better,” said one supporter. – He betrayed democracy and wanted to overthrow the authorities of our country – assessed the opponent.

Former US president on Thursday Donald Trump has been formally impeached. He heard in federal court in Washington, D.C., four counts of trying to reverse the results elections presidential. He pleaded not guilty. In the case where the former is responsible the president of the United States of Americait is about his illegal actions to reverse the result of his lost election in 2020.

Trump said after being indicted that it was “a very sad day for America.” “It’s persecution of a political opponent,” he said, referring to the current president Joe Biden. “This should never have happened in the United States,” he said.

TVN’s “Fakty” correspondent Marcin Wrona spoke to Trump’s opponents and supporters who gathered in front of the court.

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“It’s so American – to be in a place where history is made”

– It’s important for me to be here. I’m glad, because it will make Trump’s poll results even better. It’s good to be here, it’s so American: to be in a place where history is made, said one of the men and declared that he “stands behind Trump to the end.”

“Even the greatest, the richest are on trial”

Donald Trump conspired to overthrow our country. In this way, he threatened our way of life. Now you can see that in the United States, even the biggest, the richest people are prosecuted if they commit a crime,” said a woman holding a sign that read “Stop Trumpism”.

“Hero” and “the best thing that happened to the political system”

“I hope they take a photo of Donald Trump for the police file. This will serve his popularity and poll results. That photo would make him more famous than Elvis Presley, said a young man wearing a red hat with the words “Make America Great Again” on it, Donald Trump’s campaign slogan.

In his opinion, “Trump is the face and voice of the United States” and “a hero”. “It’s the best thing that’s happened to the political system of this country,” he said.

Trump has betrayed democracy

“Whether Trump goes to prison or not, what matters is that he is held accountable. He stands before the court, where his compatriots will assess the facts. Donald Trump betrayed democracy and wanted to overthrow the power of our country – said one of the opponents of the former president.

Main photo source: TVN24

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