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USA. Emergency landing of an Alaska Airlines Boeing. A torn off fragment of the plane’s fuselage was found

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A teacher from Portland found a fragment of the fuselage of an Alaska Airlines plane in his garden, US authorities said. A Boeing 737 MAX 9 crashed during flight on Friday and had to make an emergency landing. Meanwhile, as the head of the National Transportation Safety Board said, disturbing signals had already appeared on the plane.

Jennifer Homendy, head of the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), announced on Sunday evening that a fragment of the fuselage had been found detached from the machine by a Portland resident. As she noted, she received this news “with great relief.” The found part of the Boeing 737 Max 9 will now be examined to determine what factors caused the dangerous situation while the machine was in the air.

NTSB inspection aboard the Boeing 737 Max 9Reuters

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The plane with the breach made an emergency landing

An Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 9 made an emergency landing on Friday shortly after takeoff from Portland, Oregon on the west coast USA. The recordings shared on social media show that the Boeing 737 MAX 9 suffered a hole in the fuselage during the flight. Passengers were wearing oxygen masks.

In response to the accident, more than 230 planes were grounded and will undergo additional inspections. It is assumed that the review of each of them will take several hours, and the resulting delays at airports will last at least until mid-week.

Boeing 737 MAX 9 of Alaska AirlinesReuters

The Boeing that had the failure had already had a warning light on, which could have indicated a pressure problem, which is why Alaska Airlines directed the plane only to overland routes that allowed for a quick return to the airport, the NTSB found. However, as Homendy noted during Sunday’s press conference, the emergency light signals may not have been related to Friday’s incident.

The fuselage fragment was a plug

The torn off piece of the Alaska Airlines plane’s fuselage was a plug – it covered the place where some airlines place an additional emergency exit. Aviation authorities require that each aircraft must be able to evacuate all passengers within 90 seconds, even if half of the emergency exits are blocked. Boeing therefore equips planes purchased by airlines that install more passenger seats with additional emergency exits. In machines ordered by other carriers, in place of the door there is a plug weighing almost 30 kg.

The plane with a hole in the fuselage made an emergency landingReuters/Instagram/@strawberrvy

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Main photo source: Reuters

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