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USA. Engine fire on a United Airlines plane at Chicago O'Hare Airport

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Traffic at Chicago O'Hare International Airport was temporarily suspended on Monday after the engine of one of the planes caught fire. The United Airlines plane was taxiing on the tarmac at that time. None of the passengers on board were injured.

As described by ABC News, a short interruption in the operation of the Chicago O'Hare airport occurred on Monday around 2 p.m. local time. A United Airlines plane was preparing to take off. As it was taxiing on the tarmac, it was noticed that one of its engines was engulfed in flames. The machine was towed to the parking lot. The fire brigade and an emergency medical team were sent to the site, reports local television station WGN-TV. According to her findings, there were 148 passengers on board the plane. No one was injured. The travelers were redirected to another machine. They landed in Seattle, where they were heading, with minimal delay – adds ABC News.

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Traffic at Chicago O'Hare Airport was temporarily suspended

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Due to the suspension of traffic, the landing of some planes heading to Chicago O'Hare was delayed. They were forced to remain in the air until the danger was averted. -We were in the air. We were apologized for the delay and told that we would be a bit late because there was a sudden emergency at the Chicago airport, reports Carmen Hernandez, a passenger on one of the flights, to ABC News.

United Airlines plane, illustration photo Shutterstock

According to her description, the plane's staff did not provide any further explanations to the passengers. “We were terrified,” admits Hernandez. – The passenger next to me asked me if I knew what was happening. 'No, I don't know anything, but the pilot seems nervous,' I told her, the woman reports.

ABC News notes that due to Monday being a national holiday in the United States, traffic at Chicago O'Hare Airport was heavy. However, the difficulties did not last long – the portal notes.

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