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USA. Exchange students saved a friend from school. One of the heroes is Pole Szymon Koszyca

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An ordinary Sunday game almost turned into a tragedy when, while playing basketball at an American school, one of the high school students suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. Two other players kept their cool and gave the boy first aid. Both are students from abroad – from Australia and Poland.

At a Christian school in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, it was a day like any other, but for a time. For the 18-year-old young basketball player – Dejohn Blunt – it could have ended tragically. Blunt suddenly fell to the ground and lost consciousness during Sunday’s match.

– I was by his side, trying to keep his attention. I was talking to him and he was shaking. Then his chest stopped moving, reports Szymon Koszyca, a Polish exchange student at Winston-Salem Christian School.

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An 18-year-old man suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. Two exchange students immediately started helping – Szymon Koszyca from Poland and James Downie from Australia. According to local media reports, 17-year-old Szymon and his friend started resuscitation while calling for help. – I wasn’t afraid for a moment. I couldn’t accept that DJ could die in my arms – says James Downie.

After about three minutes, Blunt started breathing again – even before paramedics arrived. Thanks to the quick reaction of his peers, he was saved.

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Teenagers are heroes of local media

Until Sunday, the boys were almost strangers to each other, but now they have an extraordinary bond that will last a lifetime. “We are happy to announce that DJ is feeling better and resting. James and Szymon had the opportunity to meet him today and tell the story to local television WFMY News 2,” the school’s post reads.

The local media call the Pole and the Australian: heroes. American journalists admire the teenagers’ courage and self-control, but also their knowledge of the principles of first aid.

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Blunt still needs tests. Doctors must determine what caused the cardiac arrest of the 18-year-old athlete. The most important thing, however, is that he is taking care of himself. “After a long night in the emergency room, DJ is doing better. We are extremely grateful that DJ is still with us. A huge thank you to James, Szymon, paramedics, and doctors from the emergency department,” we read on social media.

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