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USA facing the prospect of implementing the concept of a new world order – Professor Zbigniew Lewicki

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The effect of the war in Ukraine will define global politics for a long time. Russia has lost a huge part of its authority and this will determine the fate of the world, said Professor Zbigniew Lewicki, an Americanist from the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University, in an interview with the Polish Press Agency. In Lewicki’s opinion, the United States is facing the prospect of implementing the concept of a new world order, in which “the USA is the guardian of world peace.”

Tuesday and Wednesday US President Joe Biden will pay a visit to Polandwhere he will meet the president Andrzej Duda and will attend the Extraordinary Summit of the Bucharest Nine FOR THIS. This is Biden’s second visit to Warsaw in less than a year. The American leader visited Poland last March, after the invasion Russia to Ukraine.

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Prof. Lewicki on Joe Biden’s visit to Warsaw

Prof. Zbigniew Lewicki noted in an interview with PAP that one should remember how many countries strive for the attention of the United States and in this context one should appreciate such frequent visits, meetings and talks. “They show that we are important to the US, that we are a country whose policy and the way it is implemented meet with Washington’s approval,” he said.

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The Americanist mentioned that it should not be forgotten that Poland’s relationship with the US is not equivalent. – On the one hand, we are dealing with a superpower, on the other hand, with Poland, a medium-sized country, important in Europe, but not a major player on the global arena – he stressed.

Joe Biden in Poland in March 2022 Omar Marques/Getty Images

– Poland is partly the goal of this visit, and partly its goal is to show the determination of the United States, and thus NATO, or at least the vast majority of its members, to consistently help Ukraine – he said. Prof. Lewicki assessed that realistically looking at the current situation, it should be remembered that it is not only about Ukraine as such, but about “depriving Russia of the possibility of such actions in the future.”

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An American about the historic opportunity facing Americans

According to Lewicki, the effect war in Ukraine will define global politics for a long time. – If, I hope, there is no nuclear war, Russia will be so weakened, not only militarily, but also economically, that it will lose its position as a state that can dictate its raw materials policy to everyone. (…) Not to mention the so-called soft power. In all these aspects, Russia has lost perhaps not all, but a huge part of its authority, and this will determine the fate of the world, he said.

Mural with the likeness of Vladimir Putin in the city of KashiraYURI KOCHETKOV/EPA/PAP

The American said that United States face the prospect of implementing the concept of the former US President George HW Bush, defined as a new world order in which “the USA is the guardian of world peace”. “If the Americans take advantage of this opportunity, we will be dealing with a completely different world policy than before,” he added.

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Prof. Lewicki said that we should strive for permanent recognition of our position in Washington as a country that determines the fate of Eastern Europe. He added that we should strive for the best possible relations with Germany and European cooperation in dealings with the US, and not competition with Germany, which, in his opinion, “does not make much sense.”

Poland well received by Americans, but…

When asked about how Poland is perceived in the US today, he noted that in terms of involvement in the war in Ukraine, we have a “very good reception”.

However, in his opinion, among the Washington elite there are people who have a negative attitude towards Poland because of issues “regarding LGBT tolerance” or “not very effectively combating anti-Semitic speeches.”

Main photo source: Yuri Gripas/Abaca/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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