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USA. Flooding in California. A woman trapped in a tree in the rising water. Dramatic Rescue [NAGRANIE]

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Destructive storms, including flooding, continue to plague California. They are full of drama, such as the rescue operation in the town of Laguna Hills. Fleeing from the element, the resident clung to the tree, while the water rose around and the stream turned into a torrential river. The recording made available by the services shows how a woman, in the arms of a rescuer, is evacuated on a rope attached to a helicopter.

A devastating streak has been going on for days thunderstorms in California. The first of the so-called series atmospheric rivers it hit there on December 26, causing heavy rain, heavy snowfall, hurricane winds. Flood waters are wreaking havoc across a large area of ​​the state. Damaged buildings, flooding, mudslides, sinkholes are just some of the effects of downpours and strong winds. Many residents had to leave their homes.

Dramatic rescue operation near Los Angeles

The dangerous situation occurred on Saturday in the city of Laguna Hills near Los Angeles. The woman was trapped in the middle of a rising stream, turning into a raging river. She held on to the tree the whole time so that the rising water wouldn’t take her away. It would be too risky to cross alone and reach safety.

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In the recording made available by the services, you can see how a rescuer, hooked to a helicopter, hovers over the stream and removes the woman from the tree. With the rescued resident in their arms, they are both transported towards a nearby road free of floodwater. They both land on the roadside, where the medical staff is already waiting for the woman.

As it turned out, she escaped unharmed and returned safely to her family, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The search for the 5-year-old has been going on for a week

The fate of a five-year-old boy who was swept away by the water early last week in San Luis Obispo County in central California is still unknown. The boy was swept from the car by the rushing current, and his mother was unable to hold him in her arms.

120 members of the California National Guard joined the search for the baby. More than 200 people participate in the action.

A series of thunderstorms in California

At least 19 people have been killed in severe weather in California since the beginning of the year.

According to forecasters, last weekend was one of the most difficult for Californians, but this week should bring some respite to the residents.

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Main photo source: Reuters/Orange County Fire Authority

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