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USA. Floods and downpours. Rough waves carry away a wooden house [Wideo]

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Cities along the US East Coast are being inundated by coastal flooding. In Maine, a wave carried away a small wooden house by the ocean. Record high water levels have been recorded in Portland.

The floods that are inundating the US East Coast are the result of massive floods storms moving over the United States. They bring downpours and strong winds that push ocean waters inland.

Records are breaking

On Saturday, the ocean off the coast of Maine reached its highest level since records have been taken. It reached almost 4.5 meters and broke the historical record from 1978.

Streets, cars and properties were under water. The services appealed to residents to stay at home if possible, preferably on the upper floors of buildings.

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A fishing house carried away by a wave

Storm surges cause a lot of damage. One of the videos from Owls Head, taken on Wednesday, shows a wave carrying away a fishing lodge. The wooden structure was carried deep into the ocean and then, although not visible in the video, washed up on a rocky shore elsewhere.

Some residents of Maine were left without electricity, and on Saturday, electricity did not reach over 300,000 homes and business buildings across the US.

It is not only the east of the country that is dangerous. For several days, residents of the central regions have been struggling with the effects of a snowstorm.

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