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USA, Florida. He was looking for a frisbee in the water, an alligator attacked him. The man did not survive

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The mutilated body of a man was found at the edge of a lake in Florida. It seems that there was the first fatal alligator attack in this state in three years. According to police findings, the 47-year-old looked for Frisbee in the water before he died.

Florida is one of the US states with the largest alligator population in the US. About 1.3 million of these reptiles live in it, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation agency. The 47-year-old man is likely to be the first alligator death in Florida since 2019.

The body of a man with one arm severed was found on Tuesday morning by a person walking his dog along Lake Taylor in west Florida. This is an area near Tampa Bay. According to a report from Largo City Police, investigators believe the 47-year-old was looking for a frisbee in the water when an animal attacked him. The corpse was discovered in water in close proximity to the game disc.

He looked for disks in the water to sell them later

As Paul Cozzie, a park manager in Pinellas County, said, the victim was known to frequent the park and enter the lake without paying attention to the signs saying that no swimming was allowed. He added that the man searched the water for Frisbee disks that had ended up playing disc golf, and later sold them to visitors to the park to earn some money.

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Cozzie said the 47-year-old had previously been warned by park rangers not to enter the lake. In April, he faced a fine for this at least twice. He added that an alligator bit another man in that place a few years ago, but that accident, fortunately, did not end in death.

The alligator mating season is underway

The 47-year-old stepped into the water probably at dawn, which Cozzie described as the time of alligators’ peak activity. Currently, it is in the middle of the mating season for these animals. During this period, males are more aggressive and territorial than usual.

In May, we reported that a three-meter-tall alligator was cooling down in one of the backyard swimming pools in Deep Creek, Florida.

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