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Monday, December 4, 2023

USA, Florida. Panic on Hollywood Beach. The waterspout has come ashore [WIDEO]

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A waterspout has sparked fear among beachgoers in the city of Hollywood near Miami, Florida. A large-sized sinkhole made landfall, then crossed the beach and dispersed on the promenade. This can be seen in the recording.

The swirling funnel appeared in the Atlantic Ocean on Friday afternoon local time a few hundred meters offshore before heading towards the beach in the Miami metropolitan area of ​​Hollywood, local media reported. The video shows frightened beachgoers fleeing for cover as the whirlwind made landfall. She crossed the beach, then became distracted upon reaching the promenade. The force of the wind moved some items. There are no reports of injured people.

“I stopped and started recording”

“We saw the funnel begin to form and then subside,” said Jim Hansbrough of Oregon, who was spending time at the beach with his wife. He added that he was concerned when he saw the trunk approaching the shore.

Some filmed this spectacular phenomenon. – I was riding a bicycle. I stopped and started recording – said Rob Kavalauskas.

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Waterspout in Hollywood, FloridaENEX

They arise quickly and disappear quickly

The “waterspout briefly moved ashore and then dissipated inland,” the US National Weather Service (NWS) reported on social media. As it was added, such phenomena can arise very quickly and dissipate just as quickly.

A waterspout is much weaker than a whirlwind. To a large extent transparent, and in the initial phase it can only be seen by the trace it leaves on the surface of the water. Most of them disintegrate upon reaching land without causing any damage.

Main photo source: ENEX

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