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USA, Florida. The tornado tossed the car around like a toy [WIDEO]

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Overturned cars, downed trees and downed power lines were just some of the effects of storms and tornadoes that swept across the eastern United States on Saturday. Florida was hit the hardest.

Footage from a motorist in the East Florida city of Palm Beach Gardens shows the tornado throwing a car into the air, then flipping the car over and throwing it to the ground. Residents report that the element wreaked havoc for several minutes.

The US National Weather Service (NWS) said the tornado was a Category EF-2, which has winds of 177 to 220 kilometers per hour. Many cars and houses were damaged, trees were broken and power lines were downed. Thousands of homes were left without power.

The tornado sent the car flyingReuters /@daphneniko/WEATHER TRAKER /TMX

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Tornado in Virginia and canceled music festival

Devastating weather also appeared in Virginia. A tornado that tore through the town of Virginia Beach damaged between 50 and 100 homes, local authorities estimate. On Sunday evening, more than 2,600 customers had no access to electricity.

The third day of the Something in the Water music festival held there was canceled due to weather conditions.

Before violent phenomena reached the eastern USA, strong storms with hail and strong winds hit Texas. The local weather service warned of tornadoes.

Reuters, NBC News, tvnmeteo.pl

Main photo source: Reuters /@daphneniko/WEATHER TRAKER /TMX

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