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USA. For 12 years she lived with an alligator in the basement. After the divorce, she decided to get rid of him

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Big Mac is a six-foot alligator who spent 12 years living in a basement as a “pet”. Years later, its owner divorced his wife, and the woman decided to put things in order. She asked wildlife experts for help in removing the giant reptile.

A six-foot alligator was removed from a home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The animal was there… years ago. He was purchased when he was still a small reptile, kept as a “pet”. For 12 years, an alligator named Big Mac was locked in a cage in the basement. So why has he only been taken from there now?

All because of the wife of the man who bought the alligator. Yali, because that’s the name of the woman, after years decided to call the services responsible for wild animals, because she simply divorced her husband.

We’ve had it for so many years. But now we’re not together anymore, so I wanted to take him out of here.

She broke up with her husband, threw away his “pet”ENEX

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At first they thought it was a joke

So in early April, she called the ACCT Philly Animal Shelter and asked for help. At first, she said, employees thought it was a joke. However, last Monday they came to her house, extracted the animal, gagged it and took it away. In the video, which saw the light of day in the local media, one of the men can be heard tying his legs and saying: “you are trapped”. The animal was then taken out and placed in a van.

The original plan was to airlift the Big Mac to Michigan. However, an ACCT Philly spokesman explained that the alligator was “too big to go in whole.”

She broke up with her husband, threw away his “pet”ENEX

She broke up with her husband, threw away his “pet”ENEX

It’s legal

As strange as it may seem, in Philadelphia, keeping these types of pets in homes is allowed. The spokesman said it was not their job to pass judgment on such things as they did not want people to hesitate to call and ask for help. He added that this is at least the third alligator that has already been removed this month.

She broke up with her husband, threw away his “pet”ENEX

ENEX, charlotteobserver.com

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