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USA. Former diplomats, officials and experts called for Ukraine to be offered NATO membership as soon as possible

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On Politico, 46 ​​former US officials and security experts wrote an open letter calling for the allies to take steps at the Vilnius summit to ensure Ukraine’s victory and to pave the way for Ukraine to join NATO as soon as possible.

As experts and former officials from the USAthe alliance in Vilnius should not leave Ukraine in the “gray area of ​​uncertainty”, which would encourage Russia for further aggression.

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“This means taking steps to ensure that Ukraine firstly wins this war and re-establishes full control over its internationally recognized 1991 borders and secondly is fully anchored in the economic and security arrangements it had from 1945 to 2014. have made Europe a continent of peace, prosperity and cooperation.

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In practice, they add, this means providing Ukraine with all the weapons it needs, including Western aircraft, tanks and ATACMS missiles, and “launching a road map that will clearly lead to Ukraine’s membership in the FOR THIS at the earliest possible date.”

They are also in favor of shortening Kiev’s path to NATO by eliminating the requirement to go through the so-called Membership Plan (MAP) and instructed the North Atlantic Council (NAC) to create recommendations on the format and timing of accession, which would be ready by the time Ukraine’s membership decision is made at the next NATO Summit in Washington in 2024.

46 former US officials and experts stand up for Ukraine

Among those signed are: former Commanders in Chief of NATO Forces in Europe (SACEUR) Generals Wesley Clark and Philip Breedlove, former US Ambassadors to NATO Alexander Vershbow and Doug Lute, former senior diplomats (Paula Dobriansky, Stephen Biegun, Daniel Fried) and civil servants Pentagon (Ian Brzezinski, Evelyn Farkas) and intellectuals like Francis Fukuyama.

“Vilnius could be a historic NATO summit. The above steps would bring Ukraine closer to NATO membership, and with it the elimination of gray zones and ambiguous security situations that turned out to be an invitation to aggression,” experts write.

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