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USA. Former Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo surrendered to the authorities. He is to be extradited. In Peru, he is accused of corruption

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Former Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo turned himself in to US authorities on Friday, Reuters reported, citing a US security source. Toledo is accused in Peru of being involved in corruption. The politician has been living in the USA for several years. On Thursday, a federal court in Washington rejected Toledo’s request to block his extradition.

The Reuters agency reported, citing the Peruvian prosecutor’s office, that Toledo, which had surrendered to the US authorities, is to be handed over to Lima within two or three days.

In November last year, the Peruvian prosecutor’s office demanded for the former president Peru 35 years in prison for gigantic financial fraud on the occasion of the construction of the fourth section of the Peruvian Interoceanic Highway. According to the prosecutor’s allegations, he was supposed to accept bribes from the authorities of the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht. The 76-year-old politician claims that the Peruvian branch of law enforcement could accept up to $20 million in exchange for decisions favorable to the Brazilian company.

In earlier lawsuits brought against the former president of the country in connection with abuses committed during the construction of the first two sections of this highway, the Peruvian prosecutor demanded 20 years and six months and 16 years imprisonment for the former head of state.

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Former President of Peru Alejandro ToledoPETER DASILVA/EPA/PAP

Request for the extradition of the former president

Alejandro Toledo held the highest office in Peru from 2001 to 2006. After the end of his term, he left for the United States, where he worked, among others, as an academic lecturer.

The Peruvian authorities appealed to the government USA For Toledo’s extradition in 2018, a US court confiscated the diplomatic passports of the former president of Peru and his wife to prevent their possible escape.

In February, the US State Department announced that Toledo would be extradited to Peruvian authorities.

Main photo source: PETER DASILVA/EPA/PAP

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