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USA. Former Proud Boys leaders convicted of attacking the Capitol

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Zachary Rehl, a former leader of the Proud Boys, was sentenced Thursday to 15 years in prison for leading the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. Earlier, the court also sentenced another leader of a far-right political organization, Joseph Biggs, to 17 years in prison. The storm was aimed at preventing the peaceful transfer of power after the presidential elections.

As reported by Reuters, prosecutors asked a federal court in Washington to impose a 30-year prison sentence for former Proud Boys leader Zachary Rehl, who helped lead group members in the march to the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Together with others, they joined the crowd that broke through the police cordon and forced the debating politicians to flee. This disrupted a joint session of Congress intended to confirm the Democrat’s electoral victory Joe Bidenover Republican Donald Trump in elections presidential elections of 2020.

“The video shows Zachary Rehl spraying a chemical irritant on law enforcement officers outside the Capitol on January 6, 2021. At trial, he repeatedly lied about the attack while testifying,” Reuters reported, according to federal prosecutors.

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Biggs sentenced to 17 years in prison

Earlier on Thursday, the court also sentenced another leader of the far-right political organization Proud Boys, Joseph Biggs, to 17 years in prison. A jury found him guilty of conspiring to storm the U.S. Capitol to overturn the defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential elections.

U.S. District Judge Timothy Kelly ruled that Biggs’ sentence was severe because of the destruction of a metal fence separating a large crowd of Trump supporters from the Capitol. He considered it a “federal terrorist crime.”

Before his sentencing, Biggs apologized for his actions. He talked about his daughter being a victim of sexual assault and “needing him.” – I was seduced by the crowd and just moved forward. Curiosity won. I’m not a terrorist. I have no hatred in my heart, he said.

Federal prosecutors had sought a 33-year prison sentence for him and 30 years for co-defendant Zachary Rehl, who will be sentenced later. – These are very serious crimes. They have brought us to the brink of a constitutional crisis, said federal prosecutor Jason McCullough on Thursday.

Attack on the Capitol

The attack was intended to prevent Congress from certifying the election of Democratic President Joe Biden, which Trump baselessly claims was the result of widespread fraud.

The Republican currently has in polls a significant advantage in the race for his party’s nomination for the White House in the 2024 elections.

More than 1,100 people were arrested on charges of attacking the Capitol, of whom more than 630 pleaded guilty and at least 110 were convicted. During or shortly after the riots, five people, including a policeman, were killed and over 140 officers were injured.

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