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USA. Gabby Petito. Recent conversations with her mother were supposed to show “growing tension” in her relationship

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According to Gabby Petito’s recent conversations with her mother, there was “increasing tension between the girl and her partner,” reports CNN. On Monday, FBI agents entered the ancestral home of her boyfriend, 23-year-old Brian Laundri, who disappeared last week. On Sunday, the FBI reported that the body of a woman that matches the description of a missing blogger and traveler was found in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.


CNN reports that before Petito disappeared, she had interviews with her mother, indicating that there was “increasing tension” between the girl and her boyfriend. This picture also emerges from the analysis of SMSs exchanged between women. CNN refers to the police’s written statement on the matter.

Gabby Petito sends one final message

CNN also writes that the mother’s message from her daughter was to be received on August 27. The woman described her as “strange”. It was supposed to be: “Can you help Stan, I’m getting his voicemail and missed calls.” “The text message was about Petito’s grandfather, whose name is Stan, but the girl never called him that. It was for this reason that her mother began to suspect something was wrong,” CNN continues.

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Later in the text, CNN reports that Petito’s mother received one more message from the girl, this time the last one – on August 30. It said there was no coverage in Yosemite National Park, California. But the family doubts Gabby wrote it.

“We drove by and the man was beating the girl”

CNN also describes the hitherto unknown circumstances of the incident, previously reported by the US police. It is about a published video of a roadside inspection that the couple passed on August 12 near Moab, Utah. According to the officers, the couple were in a quarrel. Although both appeared to be showing signs of physical struggle, “he and she both explained that they were in love and engaged, and desperately did not want either of them to be charged with a crime,” said one police officer Eric Pratt in a report.

Now, however, CNN quotes the person who was supposed to call the emergency number after seeing the couple at that time.

“We drove by and a man was beating a girl,” CNN quotes from the person who called the services. – Then we stopped. They were running on the sidewalk. He hit her, they jumped into the car and drove away – he adds.

Agents entered partner Petito’s parents’ home

On Monday, the Tampa, Florida branch of the FBI reported that agents had entered the home of Gabby Petito’s partner’s parents in North Port. It was explained that the search warrant was authorized by the court.

North Port Police said on Saturday that the search was taking place on the sprawling Carlton Reservation in Florida just north of North Port. The area was to be designated by Laundri’s family.

Gabby PetitoEnex

The disappearance of Gabby Petito

Petito and her partner took a van from the East Coast to the west to visit national parks in this part of the US. Petito regularly published photos from the expedition on social media.

On September 1, her fiancé drove back home in Florida in a van. Shortly thereafter, he hired a lawyer and refused to speak to the police. After a dozen or so days, it was lost without a trace. His family reported him missing.

Petito’s family notified police that she was missing on September 11. The authorities then began a large-scale search.

Recording of the control of the missing Gabby Petito and her fiancéReuters / Police in Moab

Main photo source: Enex

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