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USA. Georgia’s second round of elections. Democrat Raphael Warnock and Republican Herschel Walker are running

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In Georgia, in the southeastern United States, citizens end up voting in an electoral overtime. The rivalry between the former football player, Republican Herschel Walker and the defending Democrat Raphael Warnock may decide about full control over the US Senate.

On November 9 in the morning, Polish time, voting in the elections to the US Congress and regional authorities ended. After the news that Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto was re-elected in Nevada, it became certain that the Senate would be controlled by the Democrats for the next two years, as they won 50 out of 100 seats. In the event of a tie, the vice president has the deciding vote Kamala Harrischairperson of the chamber.


US midterm elections. Report by Marcin Wrona from the CNN newsroomTVN24

Will it be 49-51?

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The party of the president Joe Biden has a chance to win another, 51st seat, in the second round of elections in Georgia, which ends on Tuesday. The condition is the victory of their senator Raphael Warnock, who won in the first round against former football star Herschel Walker, but did not collect the required number of 50 percent of the vote (a libertarian candidate also ran in the race). Now it’s a one-on-one match.

“Walker still has a chance to win this race,” Warnock said after the end of the campaign on Monday. “If there’s one thing that worries me, it’s that people will think we don’t need their voice. We need. We need you to show up (at the polling station).

In the last days of Warnock’s campaign, he was publicly supported by, among others, the former president Barack Obamawho attended one of his rallies.

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Raphael Warnock in AtlantaPAP/EPA/JIM LO SCALZO

Republicans don’t give up

Walker is running for the Republican seat. He received the nomination largely thanks to the support of the former president Donald Trump. However, as the elections in the first round showed, this support often turned out to be the kiss of death – in Georgia itself, the elections for governor and secretary of state were clearly won by those criticized by Trump Republicans Brian Kemp and Brad Raffensperger.

The New York Times noted after the first round that almost all Trump-backed candidates who questioned the integrity of the recent presidential election lost in the race for secretaries of state, i.e. officials responsible for administering elections.

“We’re working on attendance, attendance and more attendance,” Walker said at five Monday rallies.

Herschel Walker in LoganvillePAP/EPA/JIM LO SCALZO

The importance of the elections is emphasized by the high turnout of the so-called early voters, i.e. those citizens who voted before the election day. More than 1.8 million people voted, according to CNN.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/ERIK S. LESSER

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