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USA, Grand Canyon. A 13-year-old boy survived a fall from a height of 30 meters

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A thirteen-year-old from North Dakota lost his balance while visiting the Grand Canyon Park. He slid off the trail and fell 30 meters down. The boy survived but suffered serious injuries. splenic ruptures and fractures of several vertebrae.

The incident happened on August 8. According to local police, 13-year-old Wyatt Kauffman, who was exploring the Grand Canyon in Arizona with his mother that day, slipped on a cliff and fell 30 meters while hiking the Bright Angel Point trail.

The teenager was rushed to a hospital in Las Vegas. There he was diagnosed with a fracture of nine vertebrae, a ruptured spleen, a collapsed lung, a concussion, a broken arm and a dislocated finger. Photos shared on social media show that the boy also suffered facial injuries.

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Grand Canyon. The 13-year-old has no memory of the accident

Kauffman himself told the Phoenix television station KPNX about the accident. “I was standing near the edge and moving out of the way so other people could take pictures. I crouched down and held on to the rock. I only held it with one hand,” the 13-year-old explained. – It wasn’t a good grip. At some point I lost my grip and started to slide backwards.

According to the police report quoted by the Guardian, rescuers had to slide down a rope down the canyon to get to the injured boy. Wyatt was transported upstairs in a special basket. – I do not remember the moment of the accident. All I remember is that when I woke up, I was in the ambulance. And then I got on a plane and got here (to Las Vegas – ed.) – told KPNX journalists, a teenager who lives in North Dakota on a daily basis.

Wyatt’s father, Brian Kauffman, was at home when the accident happened. As he explained in an interview with the station, the 13-year-old and his mother visited the Grand Canyon as part of a national park tour. The victim’s father said Wyatt was released from the hospital on August 12. “We’re lucky to be able to bring our baby home in the front seat of the car and not in a coffin,” he said.

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