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USA – Great Britain. Media: The US plans to deploy nuclear weapons in Great Britain after 15 years. Due to tensions with Russia

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The United States plans to deploy nuclear weapons in Great Britain again after a 15-year break, the Daily Telegraph reported on Saturday, citing Pentagon documents. The warheads would be three times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. These plans are related to the growing threat from Russia.

According to documents from the United States Department of Defense – described by the British daily “Daily Telegraph” – warheads with three times the power of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima would be kept in a new facility at the RAF Lakenheath air base in eastern Suffolk. England. The same base housed American nuclear weapons during the Cold War.

Washington withdrew nuclear missiles from Britain in 2008, recognizing that the Cold War threat from Moscow had waned.

“Daily Telegraph”: American nuclear weapons in Great Britain after 15 years

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As reported by the Daily Telegraph, information about the possible return of American nuclear weapons to Great Britain comes after recently repeated international warnings that countries FOR THIS they must prepare in case of war with Russia.

The US deployment of nuclear weapons in Great Britain – for the first time in 15 years – is said to be related to the growing threat from the Kremlin.

The documents quoted by the Daily Telegraph are said to come from the procurement database Pentagon and concern plans for a “nuclear mission” that would take place “in the near future.” Under these agreements, the Pentagon ordered new equipment for RAF Lakenheath, including ballistic shields designed to protect military personnel from attacks on “high-value assets.” In addition, construction of a new residential facility for people working on the base is scheduled to begin in June.

F-35 fighters at a military base

United States have already announced plans to station two squadrons of fifth-generation F-35 fighters at RAF Lakenheath, capable of carrying nuclear bombs and belonging to the 48th Fighter Wing.

Referring to the Daily Telegraph article, a spokesman for the British Ministry of Defense said: – It remains the long-standing policy of the UK and NATO not to confirm or deny the presence of nuclear weapons in a given location.

Russia has previously said that placing US nuclear weapons in Britain would be viewed by Moscow as an “escalation” and would be met with “appropriate countermeasures”.

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