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USA. Grinding in the United States. It's about an African politician

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Ruto will be the first African leader and the sixth – after guests from South Korea, France, India, Australia and Japan – to make a state visit to the White House since Biden took office in 2021.

Grinding in the United States. A politician will appear in Congress?

But although Ruto has not left Kenya yet – the visit is scheduled for May 23 – already dit came to a screeching halt regarding his journey. Speaker of the House of Representatives, Republican Congressman Mike Johnson ignored a request from representatives of both parties on the House Foreign Affairs Committee for an African leader could appear at joint sessions of Congress.

In a letter to Johnson, 14 Democrats wrote: “We are extremely disappointed The people of Kenya deserve more respect.”.

They added that this comes as “foreign adversaries such as China, Russia and Iran work tirelessly to subvert America's alliances, particularly in Africa.”

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Grinding in the United States. Joe Biden on the visit of the president of Kenya

The American president hopes that Ruto's visit will send a signal that The United States continues to invest in Africa, especially at a time of Western failures in the Sahel and growing competition with key rivals China and Russia. Biden wants to show that The US treats Kenya as its main partner in security, diplomacy and economics in the Horn of Africa, if not the entire continent.

The Biden administration will use many of the symbols and flourishes associated with such events during the African leader's visit: Ruto and First Lady Rachel Ruto will attend a welcome ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House, be honored at a luncheon and attend a state dinner. The only thing missing will be an appearance by the African leader before Congress.

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