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USA – Havana Syndrome in diplomats. US intelligence investigation – findings

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A U.S. intelligence investigation has found it “very unlikely” that Havana syndrome, a condition that has plagued U.S. diplomats and intelligence officers around the world for years, was the result of the actions of an enemy of the United States, the Washington Post reported on Wednesday. citing two intelligence officials familiar, the paper says, with the declassified findings.

“After years of evaluation, five U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that it is ‘very unlikely’ that an enemy with a secret weapon is behind the mysterious ailment,” the Washington Post wrote. According to the newspaper, no credible evidence has been found that any adversary of the United States possesses weapons or devices capable of causing the symptoms of Havana syndrome, which have been targeting American diplomats and intelligence officers around the world for years.

US Embassy in CubaU.S. Department of State

Among the hypotheses were even aliens

As part of an investigation that lasted more than six years, intelligence agencies USA considered various hypotheses, even the possibility that extraterrestrials were responsible for the Havana syndrome, but, as one US official said at a press briefing, this was ruled out.

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representative in January CIA stated that the agency also considered it unlikely that it would Russia or another “foreign actor” caused health incidents. Describing the conclusions of the interim report on Havana syndrome, he said most of the 1,000 cases “could be reasonably explained by medical conditions or environmental and technical factors, including previously undiagnosed diseases.”

The Havana Syndrome in American Diplomats

The Havana syndrome is a group of ailments, mainly of a neurological nature, such as migraines, hearing problems, dizziness, and sleep and memory disorders. In 2016, American diplomats working in the capital began to complain about this ailment Cubahence the name. Between then and the end of 2021, approximately 200 American diplomats, officials and CIA agents working on missions in ChinaVietnam, Austria, Germany and other countries.

The causes of this condition have not been thoroughly investigated. Some believed it could be caused by attacks carried out using guided electromagnetic waves.

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Main photo source: U.S. Department of State

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