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USA. He accused Democrats of electoral fraud, he himself voted illegally 9 times – the media

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Georgia Republican Brian K. Pritchard illegally voted nine times in the 2008 and 2010 elections, local media reported on Monday. Pritchard was breaking the law by voting while he was disenfranchised due to his probation. Meanwhile, the Republican himself has repeatedly accused Democrats of electoral fraud. in the 2020 presidential election.

Brian K. Pritchard is a Georgia Republican known as a right-wing talk show host in the local media. He is also running for the new Speaker of the Lower House of the Georgia State Legislature. He was known in the media from accusing supporters of the Democratic Party of election rigging, on this basis he undermined, among others, presidential election results USA in 2020 in which Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump.

Illegally voted 9 times

On December 5, the local Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that when Pritchard first registered as a voter in Georgia in January 2008, he was serving probation for forgery and theft to which he pleaded guilty in 1996. For these crimes, which he committed in public office in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, he was legally convicted. Meanwhile, under state law in Georgia, convicted persons cannot vote until they have served their entire sentence. The ban on voting also applies to those who are serving a suspended sentence.

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According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, in February 2021, the Georgia State Board of Elections found this violation and charged Pritchard with illegally participating in the election. The accusations related to the 2008 and 2010 elections in which a Republican participated. Pritchard’s lawyers argued at the time that Pritchard was unaware of the ban.

But last week, the office of Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr confirmed in a filing that Pritchard broke the law every time he cast his vote before his sentence expired. According to the local TV station WDRW, prosecutors pointed to five votes of the politician in 2008 and four in 2010. In total, Pritchard was illegally contested nine times.

According to the newspaper, Pritchard could be fined up to $45,000, but he has not faced any charges and is not facing disqualification from the January election. Pritchard himself categorically rejects accusations of unlawful voting and claims that they are aimed at his election campaign. – I haven’t done anything wrong here. But if you’re looking for Public Enemy Number One, here I am.

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Fraud in US elections

The Vice portal emphasizes that although Pritchard was supposed to vote illegally several years ago, he himself repeatedly accused political opponents of electoral fraud. In April 2021, less than half a year after the presidential election in which Democrat Joe Biden deposed Donald TrumpPritchard claimed Georgia was involved in a conspiracy against his party.

– I do not believe that 81 million people voted for (Joe Biden – ed.). When they rigged the election, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp was complicit, Attorney General Chris Carr was also complicit, so you see Joe Biden, that’s what they did to us,” Pritchard thundered in an episode of his online show. As Vice notes, it is Chris Carr’s office that is now set to confirm Pritchard’s illegal voting in the past.

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