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USA. He was living with the corpse of a roommate, he was arrested

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61-year-old Leandrew Smith Jr. He was arrested after officers discovered he had been living “for many days” in a house where another man’s body was located, the Walker County Sheriff’s Office said Tuesday. A resident of Sipsey, Alabama, did not inform anyone about the death of his roommate.

On June 9, officers were called to a home on 4th Avenue West in Sipsey after the deceased’s family found a body there. At the scene, investigators determined that the deceased’s roommate, Leandrew Smith Jr. lived with his body “for many days”.

Leandrew Smith Jr.Walker County Sheriff’s Office

The 61-year-old was arrested and charged with insulting a corpse. As the Walker County Sheriff’s Office explains on social media, the allegation is “the treatment of a human corpse in a way that could hurt the feelings of the family.” The man is currently in custody, which he will be able to leave after paying a bail of $ 10,000 (equivalent to about PLN 40,000).

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The body of the deceased man was found by his grandson

Justin Hagler, the deceased’s son, told AL.com that after being unable to contact his father, he twice asked Smith if he knew where he might be. “He didn’t tell me dad was home at the time,” he said. After about two days of searching, the man’s body was found by his grandson. That’s when the emergency services were called to the scene.

At present, officers are determining the cause and circumstances of the man’s death. As part of their investigation, they are also to assess whether third parties were involved. The district attorney also ordered an autopsy of roommate Leandrew Smith Jr.

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