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USA. Hundreds of gold coins from the American Civil War buried in a cornfield

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This find has already been hailed by the American media as “a great treasure from Kentucky”. A farmer in this state dug up more than 800 Civil War coins in his cornfield. Some of them are very rare and valuable specimens.

Although the find was made a few weeks ago, the American media began to inform about it only in recent days. However, no details were given – so it is not known where the cornfield is located or who it belongs to, as the discoverer of the collection wishes to remain anonymous. It is only revealed that he is a farmer.

However, much is known about the find itself. It’s over 800 coins – the vast majority are gold, the rest are silver. In good condition, because under the change they were not exposed to air and weather conditions. The oldest date back to 1840. The Numismatic Guaranty Company, a company that assesses and certifies coins from around the world, says that such a collection cannot be overestimated and calls it an extraordinary time capsule. Mentioning the example of a coin from 1863, described as a “double eagle”, he writes in a press release that finding one such specimen would already be a major event in the numismatic world, and finding the entire set is “difficult to comprehend”.

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“Great Kentucky Treasure” buried in a cornfield

– I am always excited when someone calls for advice on finding a rare coin. However, the opportunity to deal with the “great treasure from Kentucky” is one of the highlights of my entire career – says Jeff Garrett, presented as a leading expert on US coinage.

It is already known that the coins will now go to collectors, and one of the largest sellers of numismatics will deal with their sale. The NBC portal, citing experts, estimates their value at USD 2 million (approx. PLN 8 million).

The “Great Kentucky Treasure” was probably buried over 150 years ago – the Civil War ended in 1865. As he emphasizes USA Today, it was not uncommon for people to try to keep their money safe in this difficult time. Kentucky declared neutrality during the war.

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