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USA. Ice-T: Modern hip-hop has become goofy and rappers have become weak

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Hip-hop has changed. This music has become goofy to me. Young rappers began to look strange. Everything turned into something I wasn’t comfortable with anymore,” Ice-T told Variety. This is how the famous rapper explained the reasons for ending his solo musical career. In February, Ice-T unveiled its star on the Los Angeles Walk of Fame.

Tracy Marrow, known by his stage name Ice-T, is widely recognized as one of the precursors of gangsta rap and rapcore. His most recognizable albums include the debut Rhyme Pays, OG Original Gangster and VI: Return of the Real. Currently, he continues his musical career in the band Body Count. The rapper, however, gave up his solo career, in which his discography is closed by the 2006 album Gangsta Rap.

Ice-T on “goofy” hip-hop and “weak” rappers

On the occasion of the unveiling of his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on February 17, Ice-T gave an interview to Variety magazine, excerpts from which he cites on Wednesday, among others. insider portal. Gwiazdor stated in it that the reason for giving up his solo career was the changes that had taken place in the environment and style of the genre over the years. – Hip-hop has changed. This music has become goofy to me. The kids (young rappers – ed.) started to look weird. Everything turned into something I wasn’t comfortable with anymore,” he explained.

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“These kids have gotten weaker, and weakness is not something I can pass on to my audience. The first part of the word ‘hip-hop’ is ‘hip’, so it’s hard to stay on top for more than ten years,’ he said. – There was a time when I was selling a lot of records, and then it died down (…) Later I realized that Public Enemy, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and Wu-Tang Clan (other rappers and hip-hop groups, coming from similar genres) music – ed.) also do not sell albums. There was a paradigm shift, the rapper recalls.

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Ice-T criticizes modern rap

Ice-T’s Variety interview isn’t the first time the musician has spoken critically of the industry. Already in 2011, he said that modern rap is not what he considers rap. As he explained then, in his opinion, the music of younger performers of the genre is devoid of consciousness and message. Currently, Marrow, apart from his activities in the band Body Count, is mainly involved in an acting career. Since its inception in 1983, he has appeared in over 75 productions.

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